Deep Tissue Repair Oil

Nerve & Bone Formula


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    "I am writing you to tell you about my experiences with the liniments. My girlfriend's grandmother uses them frequently and actually got rid of the pains in her hands. Its amazing. No doctor could help her (they all just gave her pain killers) and with the help of your oils she is pain free! My girlfriend's mother used them to treat an old bicycle injury in her thigh, and was also able to fully recover. I myself had back pains a few weeks ago, from over training and was able to keep up my training regime and fully heal, by applying the oils every few hours! So all in all I must definitely thank you for producing these wonderful oils.
    ~ B.T, Germany

    ...because of who I am people give me a lot of stuff to try. Sun and Moon Botanicals is the best stuff I have ever used for healing and pain relief.
    ~ Guru Dan Inosanto (martial arts legend and protoge of the late Bruce Lee), Marina Del Rey, California

    Hi, Just wanted to say that these oils are fantastic. Thank you.
    ~ A.O., Denver, Colorado

    These liniments are incredibly helpful for sports injuries and pain relief!
    ~ A.T., Richmond, CA